Terms & Conditions

Artists must be semi-professional or professional in their craft. Proof of semi-professional/professional status will be expected to be included in the entrant’s application form in the form of CV or in the Artist description or both

Entries from third parties or individuals representing an Artist will not be accepted. Only direct entries from Artists themselves will be counted as valid submissions.

The Artist can submit an unlimited number of different artworks: paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, digitally produced artworks, mixed media, video, sound and moving image artwork is accepted.

The Artist must be the owner and originator of all work(s) submitted and hold all intellectual and moral property rights.

Should a collaborative piece of work win, please note only ONE artist will be invited to attend the 2019 Annual Dinner to collect the award, as a representative of the group.

In submitting the entry form, the Artist accepts that any artwork, if shortlisted, will be included in the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) 2019 Exhibition.

We recommend that the artist takes out their own insurance to cover their work in transit and throughout the exhibition period.

If the Artist opts in to state their artwork is for sale, as part of the 2019 Exhibition, the artwork will be featured for sale  in our exhibition handout until the end of the 2019 Exhibition.  Bolton Museum and Art Gallary Commission TBC.

On entry to this competition, the Artist agrees that we, GMCC may reproduce their work (at no fee) for any purposes required (including internal communications/press/publicity/website and catalogue and any other printed or digital material, advertising the 2019 Exhibition and future competitions).

Artists agree to be placed on our mailing lists for our email newsletters and any other information that we may send you.

GMCC is unable to offer refunds for entries.


An unlimited number of artworks per Artist may be entered into the competition. Only one image of each work must be submitted per entry.

The image(s) submitted must accurately portray the artwork.

The image(s) and the completed entry form(s) must be submitted online, using the submission form on this website. GMCC will not accept any entries not submitted through this website.

The image(s) and completed submission form must be submitted online and payment made by Sunday 5th May 2019. All late entries will be invalid, unless the competition is extended by GMCC for any reason. Entries received after then but before the new extended date will be valid.


The Artist can submit an unlimited number of different artworks: paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, digitally produced artworks, mixed media, video, sound and moving image artwork is accepted.

Artwork size must be less than 150cm x 150cm x 10cm for artworks to be hung on the wall (which includes the frame), and less than 100cm x 100cm x 100cm for sculptures. Video, Sound and Moving image artwork must be less than 2GB. If you are unsure, please contact us at: [email protected]

If the Artist decides to offer their artwork for sale, each recommended sale price should be carefully considered and at a sensible market value, as this will help effectively promote the Artist and their career. Bolton Museum and Art Gallary Commission TBC.


Entries must be submitted via the website, by the dates given. No late entries will be accepted.

Shortlisted entries will be notified by email, advising the Artist that their work has been shortlisted, as well as details of the delivery and collection process for the 2019 Exhibition. Artwork should be delivered Exhibition ready. If this is not the case, we will presume permission is granted for fixings to be added.

Your artwork should, if possible, be submitted in a stiffy bag (see If you have problems with this, please contact: [email protected]

If work has been selected for the exhibition(s), these works must continue to be available until the close of the 2019 Exhibition. GMCC will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period.

If you feel you have not been judged fairly after your acceptance of the conditions of entry, please email: [email protected] and include details of your complaint. We will review your complaint and respond within 14 working days.

In order to lower the risk of the artists participating in the GM Arts Prize being unfairly disadvantaged and ensure that the competition is held in an impartial and fair manner, a Conflict of Interest Policy is in place, which can be viewed here.

Judges may at their discretion vary, amend, add to or waive any of these terms and conditions, should the artistic merit of the submission be deemed by the judging panel to be of exceptional quality.